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Opportunity Edufinance

Building school capacity in 10 African & South American countries

West Africa

Training cocoa industry field workers on best practices & ethics in Ghana

ADRA & SickKids Hospital

Training nurses and healthcare professionals on nutrition in Rwanda

Canada guys

Training XYZ Canada, paa kofi will add more to me

International Cocoa Initiative

Training staff on child labour safeguarding in Ivory Coast

Jackson Educational Complex

Training 10,000 primary school teachers across Ghana

Up-skill your staff seamlessly in any location

Scale up your impact and increase your global footprint

Automate your reporting and utilize analytics to track KPIs

Streamline the delivery of training programs from end-to-end through digitization and simplified management

Gain insights from detailed reporting on admin dashboard

Reach your trainees in remote areas even without the internet

(PLACEHOLDER) Adrien Bouillot - CEO, Chalkboard Education

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Chalkboard Education provides a mobile-based, offline-first Learning Management System tailored for underserved communities’ training. Lightweight, inclusive, and complete with full analytics capabilities, Chalkboard Education helps you reach your beneficiaries everywhere in the World seamlessly.

Currently used in 12+ countries in Africa, South and North America, Chalkboard Education is available worldwide.

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I love that Chalkboard Education designed this platform for the African environment. It is designed to deliver high-quality distance learning for environments where the internet is not great, I appreciate that.


Britta Ranade

Director, E-Quality Partners

Overwhelmingly, the experience was positive, they are very supportive of our ideas, they worked hard to help us reach our deadlines to launch the pilot. They are flexible and you can share ideas with Chalkboard and they will try and adapt the platform to suit your needs or would listen to your ideas to come up with the best solution.

Generally, they’re a great organisation to work with, respond quickly, and working with them in their office was great fun!


Tim Maple-Foster

Product Development Associate. Opportunity International

People have reacted quite positively to Chalkboard Education, considering it is a new way to learn. Training is sometimes thought of in a specific format; in a classroom with a teacher while in front of a board, where learning occurs in a formal way.

The application has helped people break misconceptions about classrooms as the only learning approach and enabled them to partake in innovative and alternative ways to learn.


Emmanuelle Rosset

HR Director, International Cocoa Initiative

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